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August 16, 2006
by George Allen Durkee


Although I have an aptitude for music, when I sit down at the piano, I have no aspiration other than to experience the joy of music. I am not committed to reaching the next skill level. Music for me is in some ways more pleasurable than painting because I don't try to ascend from one plateau up to the next and then, still unsatisfied, struggle to climb to the next. I am not an accomplished musician, but my enjoyment is boundless.

Painting on the other hand carries with it a restless undertone, goading me to go beyond myself. I want, insatiably, to be better than I am. Because I seem to think everyone else is like me, or ought to be, I'm often surprised and judgmental of amateur painters who coast along with self satisfied complacency. I want them to dig deeper, try harder, I want them to want.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with playing the piano simply for pleasure.

Be well,
George Allen Durkee
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