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August 18, 2006

Thinking of Buying Art?
by George Allen Durkee

There's only one good reason to buy original art: because it calls to you. A work of art speaks your name and you say, "Wow! I'd like to own this." Looking is free, but to actually contemplate buying? That's a whole different subject. Some things to consider...

Will it have lasting value? 

Will the piece you're considering hold up over time? As you live with it, coming back to it again and again, your appreciation may well become deeper and richer. Before buying, think about whether, years from now, you'll be glad you made the decision to buy.

Where will you display it?

Art can either echo colors or a decorative theme, or it can boldly stand out in contrast or accent to the things around it. Which do you prefer, or does it matter to you? Consider this: if you received this work of art as a gift, would you treasure it? And would it become a part of your life?

What about the money? 

Sure, good art isn't cheap, but possibly it's not as expensive as you might be thinking. Appreciate the work for itself instead of for how much it costs. Five or ten years from now when you're still enjoying it, you may say something like, "I love this piece! I wouldn't part with it for any price!"

Be well,
George Allen Durkee
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